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Hello to all my lovely followers!

I will be going on a six month hiatus as of Monday, September 15. I’m doing my final semester of college as a foreign exchange student in Osaka, Japan, and I am super excited! But that means I won’t be playing the Sims much (if at all). I’ll be around and my askbox will be open , though I certainly won’t be checking it everday (wcifs will probably be suuuper delayed). I do have some pictures that I haven’t posted that may go up over the next few months, but I’ll still be on hiatus.

I know a lot of you just started school/are playing Sims 4 so good luck to everyone!


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tags: #the sims 3 #ts3 #calling cay #landscape
tags: #the sims 3 #ts3 #exterior #isla paradiso
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Anonymous:  What's de name of your HQ MOD ?

I don’t use one. In fact not only do I not use an HQ mod, but I set all my graphics settings to be kinda low because my computer might explodify otherwise. Soooo……

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Kateto Island Save File

As requestedI’ve finally got this up with permission from theratway/editsim. Two things to note:

First is that when I was decorating Kateto Island I never thought I would be sharing it, so I used nearly 300 pieces of custom content.I do not in anyway guarantee that I got all the custom content in my save, however I got almost all of it. There are a few items I couldn’t find links to so I went ahead and included them, and two items I couldn’t find anywhere (not online, not on the package files in my EA folder, not anywhere) which are just lost to you, I guess.

Second is that I haven’t actually finished my Kateto Island building project. Most of the residential houses are empty inside (unchanged from Editsim’s), and some of the rooms in the downtown area are empty save for some rabbit hole rugs. If I ever finish I might upload a completed version. We’ll see.

Anyways, let me know if you guys have any problems and thanks again to theratway!

Download Info:


// Download

tags: #the sims 3 #ts3 #scenery #oakshore
tags: #the sims 3 #ts3 #scenery #calling cay
tags: #the sims 3 #ts3 #scenery #calling cay
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